Episode #7: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs Are German..You Know That, Right? Vol 1: Whiteness

The first episode under the theme “Hamburgers and Hot Dogs Are German…You Know That, Right?” which explores ethnic as coded language and who gets to be American. Lezli is joined by Dr. Matthew Frye Jacobson, a William Robertson Coe Professor of American Studies in history and a professor of African American Studies at Yale University. He is the author of seven books on race, politics and culture in the United States, two of which are whiteness of a different color. European immigrants in the alchemy of race, as well as roots to white ethnic revival in the post civil rights America. In this episode they explore understanding the contemporary use of the word ethnic, who it describes and how it creates asymmetry of power is to understand whiteness within the context of the United States.

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Podcast Team = Lezli Levene Harvell (Host & Executive Producer) / Rez Nemorin (Producer) / Justin Bates (Sound Engineer)

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