Episode #30: “On The Yard” What the Biden/Harris Win Means for the Culture Vol. 2

Lezli and her ON THE YARD co-host Nava; Spelman College ‘23 continue the conversation around the historic Biden/Harris win “On The Yard” with Taylor DavisHoward University ‘21, The 82nd Miss Howard University and a member of the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. as well as Nia Page,Spelman College ‘20, Immediate Past Spelman College SGA President and National African-American Engagement and Program Coordinator for The Biden Campaign. They explore why they think there was higher civic engagement among their peers this election season, their thoughts on their peers that did not exercise their right to vote, and how the Biden/Harris win hopefully increases the cultural competence and interest around HBCUs and BGLOs. Nia also shares specifically how HBCUs and BGLOs were meaningfully engaged by the Biden campaign.

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