Episode #2: Climate Change + COVID-19 + Communities of Color: Vol. 2 “ON THE YARD” HBCU Environmental Studies Majors

The second episode under the theme “Climate Change + COVID-19 + Communities of Color

Lezli and Zuri are joined by two Environmental Studies Majors at Howard University; Autumn McNeill ‘20 and Danurius “Danny” Williams ‘21. The conversation between the four examines some of the HBCU specific ways in which Autumn’s senior year was impacted. How Autumn and Danny’s family experience with asthma and Hurricane Katrina respectively inspired them to double-major in environmental studies, how communities of color are impacted by climate change, and what their peers’ call to action should be this election season.

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Podcast Team = Lezli Levene Harvell (Host & Executive Producer) / Zuri Levene Harvell (Co-Host) / Danielle Pearman (Producer) / Justin Bates (Sound Engineer)

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