Chef Zarah Khan

Rustic Canyon (Santa Monica) (she/her/hers)

Chef Zarah’s educational background in Environmental Science and Forestry led her to a deeper exploration of the stories behind the food she prepared, the impact of humans on food systems, and how she might inspire a new perspective. Zarah’s work on farms in the Pacific North West and Italy gave her a deep reverence for farmers. It ignited her desire to inspire people to become more deeply connected to their environment through food. Zarah cut her teeth working at Seattle restaurants. She quickly made a name for herself by developing her style with bright, flavorful, vegetable-forward cuisine. Zarah hosted Full Moon Dinners and deepened her connection to local farming through events in collaboration with the Culinary Breeding Network and Cascadia Grains Conference. She moved to Los Angeles in 2020 as the Executive Chef at Silver Lake’s Botanica. There she attracted media attention and new diners to the restaurant for her beautiful, bright, and thoughtful food. Jeremy Fox became a regular at Botanica and was immediately drawn to Zarah’s cooking because of her masterful balance of flavors and lightness. In the fall of 2022, Fox appointed Zarah Executive Chef at Rustic Canyon, where diners enjoy her fresh and clean perspective on cooking, where she makes vegetables the star of the show.


University of Washington – BS, Environmental Science and Forestry


In Tel Aviv


Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Bakery, Poppy, The London Plane (Seattle), Botanica (Los Angeles)

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