Episode #11: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs Are German…You Know That, Right? Vol 3: Hierarchy In Academia, Parallels in LGBTQ Community, Latine + Latinx

In the third episode exploring Ethnic As A Descriptive + Other Coded Language, Lezli is joined by Dr. Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, Associate Professor of Sociology in the Department of Critical Race, Gender and Culture Studies at American University. They discuss institutional patterns that maintain hierarchy in academia and send implicit messages to students, Disney’s Bunk’d, parallels of the US racial construct, and coded behavior in the LGBTQ community and the impetus for push back on the term Latinx.

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Podcast Team = Lezli Levene Harvell (Host & Executive Producer) / Rez Nemorin (Producer) / Justin Bates (Sound Engineer)

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