Episode #12: “ON THE YARD” The “D” Word, The “F” Word, and Reclaiming Queer Terminology – LGBTQ Students at HBCUs

Can White Lesbians Use The “D” Word and Who Can Use the “F” word? Lezli and her ON THE YARD co-host Nava Levene Harvell; Spelman College ‘23, chat with two LGBTQ students, Janelle Edge; Florida A&M University ‘21, and Zion Gates Norris; Florida Memorial University ‘21; about reclaiming terms that were once used to harm the LGBTQ community and who can use them.

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Podcast Team = Lezli Levene Harvell (Host & Executive Producer) / Nava Levene Harvell (Co-Host) Justin Bates (Sound Engineer)

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